Straight Forward, Affordable Maintenance


Included With Hosting

  • Updates: WordPress core, theme, plugins
  • Backups: Weekly full-site cloud backup
  • Security: Brute force IP lockout
  • Security: Vulnerability scanning
  • Performance: Caching & Enhancements
  • Performance: Image compression
  • Performance: CDN for JS & CSS
  • Uptime: 24/7 uptime monitoring

Why do you need WordPress Maintenance Plan?

Apart from content updates, your WordPress installation needs regular maintenance to perform optimally. WordPress is increasingly targeted by hackers looking to wreak havoc. As soon as the WordPress team finds these vulnerabilities, they create patches to fix them, leading to regular updates that will keep your WordPress installation clean and safe. Theme and plugin updates often occur in response to WordPress updates, but also independently based on bugs, security issues, and feature additions and improvements. Your WordPress installation must be kept current to avoid becoming the next victim.

In addition, regular backups, security scans, and uptime monitoring all contribute to a more robust site, providing a better visitor experience.


WordPress Updates

WordPress Core and Plugin updates are applied regularly to keep your site as secure and optimized as possible. All updates are verified and can be rolled back if a conflict is detected in the process.

WordPress Security

Security of your files and data is of utmost importance. Our hosting includes security built with WordPress in mind and every site gets a FREE SSL certificate. Scans are run periodically and we are alerted if any red flags arise. 24/7 uptime monitoring is included.

Website Backups & Restores

Your website is backed up daily and before any updates are made. Manual backups can be made before making any changes. Rest assured that we can restore your site to a previous version, usually within minutes, if things go wrong.

* Content updates are changes that can be performed within 30 minutes, include adding or changing existing content or styling, or adding new content to existing pages, including text, forms, images, and video. Tasks that are not included are Content or Blog post writing (copywriting), Graphic design, photo editing, video editing, custom icon creation, Development of PDFs or Infographics, Marketing or Advertising and a Full Website Re-Design.

If requests fall outside this definition, or the time required goes beyond your plan, we will let you know the time impact and offer options to accommodate getting the work done, possibly with additional billing.